Content Is the Most Important Part of Your Website

If you are ever considering why website content is so important, then consider this:


Google’s latest challenge

Search engines are currently tackling a big problem/challenge. In fact, some of them are rethinking their algorithms so individuals can discover new, relevant content right away.

Take the sample of somebody hunting down a particular football match, who enters “Man Utd vs Chelsea” into Google. How does Google know what to return? Would they like to discover the latest result or data on a fantastic match from the last decade?

What you discover these days is search engines will get you the most up and coming data. They acknowledge people want the most time-relevant data around a particular subject. It’s the same with regards to your industry or your business.

So you have to give the content to the internet searchers, you have to give the site content which is up and coming. Presently when I mean up and coming I am discussing content which is significant to your current industry… today!

Content makes you the expert

Sites have changed the way businesses work. In the past many professional used business networking. Where you would have seen they have a tendency for speakers from different organizations to present to the group.

At first you are not by any means known by anybody or noticeable to anybody. Be that as it may the individual who stands up and does their presentation is immediately unmistakable by everyone and quickly seen as a master in their field.

It’s precisely the same concerning site content. In the event that you have a site which has almost no content, then you are unseen by search engines, undetectable to potential clients. When you begin composing content, distributed on you site, then your site gets to be more noticeable and you are then seen by potential clients as a master in your field.

More content = more business

The test for entrepreneurs is the manner by which to go about adding that content to their sites. It’s not a simple thing to do. Particularly on the off chance that you don’t see yourself as a good writer.

My recommendation to entrepreneurs is to produce content little by little. At first when your blog entries or new pages will not be seen by many people (if any at all). So it doesn’t need to be polished and perfect!

The key is to really get some content out there! You can simply begin with 200 words for a blog entry. Set yourself a breaking point of 200 words and in the event that you head over, make it into a second post.

Email content to yourself

One tip I utilize all the time, when I have an extra 20 minutes or half hour perhaps, I will simply ping an email to myself with a synopsis or even the full blog entry which I take later that day or night and distribute to my site. In the event that you can compose 2 or 3 messages in a, prior week you know it you’ve got 2 or 3 crisp pieced of substance for your site.

Keep your eye on the goal

The profit of this, as I said before, is that more content is more business. So you need to recall the final goal is to get more business through your site. It vital not to lose sight.

The primary reason that most organizations fall flat with their online blog, or content is on account of they don’t get quick results. You’re not going to see quick results! This is something you do little by little and you develop it!

Consider your site has got 5 pages and is not getting many guests. When you have 500 pages, you may get the same number of guests however they are spending more time on your site – because there is more to read. Search engines will be aware of this, which will enhance your rankings, picking up more guests who will in turn spend even more time on your site.

Web Content Writing and Writing Blog Posts With SEO Optimization

Web content writing is an important skill. When writing blog posts or content for your website, SEO optimization is just as important as content quality. Both count! The quality of your web content is critical to the success of your website or blog in both of these respects.

Many websites contain little other than graphics or photos and wonder why they never get a high ranking on Google – and let’s face it; Google is the place to be! OK, Bing is not bad but neither Bing nor Yahoo is in the same class as Google. If you want to make it online, you must have at least a Page #2 ranking on Google – within the first 20 top ranked web pages.

SEO Optimization and Google Ranking

SEO optimization is important factor in your ranking. Google lists individual web pages and posts, not entire websites or blogs. Every one of your pages or posts must offer good content to readers. Each complements the other, and a site with one great page and another 10 pages totally devoid of content might pull that first page way down in the rankings.

The reason why article writers, or article ghostwriters are they are often called, are so important is that they can not only write great content for you that is well optimized without excessive use of keywords, but also because they understand what Google is looking for. At least the best of them do!

Those article writers that understand this will help you with the general SEO on your site in addition to giving you content that will display your authoritative knowledge of your niche or subject. Google is very keen on authority sites, and if yours doesn’t display an expert knowledge, then forget a high ranking.

Write Your Own Blog Posts and Web Content

However – and this is the subject of this article – if they can write it for you, why can’t you do it for yourself? If you have a passion for your subject then that passion will show through in your writing. What do you believe your readers would prefer?

A. Grammatically correct writing, using an academic-style approach to your topic that presents the facts of the topic in a sterile but correct and perfectly written manner, or:

B. Web content or blog posts written by somebody that displays a deep passion for their subject, even though the grammar might be dodgy and the spelling maybe not quite right. You can see they know their topic, but might not be able to write about it using perfect language?

Personally, I prefer the latter, although some prefer the first option. Many people get their hackles raised when they see badly written articles or web content even if the message is clear and compelling! So what’s the solution – A or B?

Web Content Writing is for Readers – Not Search Engines

You have likely read or heard this several times. You should write for your readers and not the search engines, but in practice that is not quite true! Your readers might prefer web content writing that shows passion, even to the extent of ignoring the various errors in grammar and possible overuse of keywords.

The reason people use keywords too much is to get themselves a high ranking on Google for these keywords. The problem is that Google is wise to this, and your web pages and blogs will suffer if you use that approach. Search engine algorithms, crawlers or spiders, whatever you call them, cannot read passion – just character strings.

So – why not use both? Why not write in a passionate way about your subject, but also present it with correct grammar and spelling relevant to your target market? Web content writing need not be a special skill for many people, but if you want to combine A and B, why not have your own words written in a compelling but grammatically correct manner that meets the expectations of all your readers – and potential customers if you have a product or service to sell?

Writing Blog Posts Yourself – or Subcontract It

You can achieve this in only two ways: learn how to do it yourself, or have somebody write it for you. If your first language is not English, then you will likely have a problem. It is unfortunate for many that English is the main language used online – unless you are Chinese. If so, even you will have to present your website or blog in English if you want to take advantage of what the entire world can offer you in visitors, readership and sales.

Web Content Writing and SEO Optimization: Conclusion

To recap: it is very important that your web content is written in a way that your visitors can understand. However, it must also enable Google and other major search engines to establish the meaning of your pages and blog posts. This is fundamental to the SEO optimization of your website or blog.

If you feel confident doing this yourself, then do so. If you do not then have it done for you. Web content writing is a skill that some have and many do not. Writing blog posts is not difficult, but SEO optimization involves a deeper and more fundamental understanding of search engines. Both your SEO optimization and the quality of your web content writing are the most important aspects of your website or blog! Make them good – for your readers and for Google!

Social Proof As A Website Conversion Tool

Turning the site visitors into permanent loyal customers is always a top priority for most of the brand websites. Social Proof is a powerful tool that can help you achieve the dream of turning visitors in to customers. Social proof implementation will help visitors understand why other people like the product you are willing to sell.

There are a number of well-tested methodologies that has made social proof an important factor when it comes to converting the visitors landing on your web page in to business.

Word-of-Mouth Campaign

Referral programs are among the most effective way of improving your brand popularity. Word-of-mouth advertising is considered to be more effective since your friends and relatives are getting feedback on the hands-on experience on the product they intends to buy from you. Most of the businesses offer various incentives and discounts to visitors who refer their friends and colleagues to buy the company product and services. By rewarding the visitors with gifts or discounts for each referral, there is no loss that the company will have to incur since the gifts are rewarded only after the referrals become their customers.


Customer reviews is the most watched segment by visitors especially before making any online purchases. It is the only way one could get a feel of how worth the product would be once they buy it. Customer reviews are real-insights about the product the visitors would wish to purchase. Good customer reviews or average customer reviews about the product or services offered by a company are likely to encourage visitors more in to opting for the service or purchasing the product. The credibility is high for customer reviews since a user will have to create a profile of their own before writing a review.


Testimonials have an important role as a social proof tool. Testimonials on your website cannot be taken slightly. Most of the studies suggest the presence of testimonials to increase the chances of business almost by 50% rather than without one. It has always shown better conversion rates whenever testimonials are included within your website. It gives a clear picture of how users have felt using the products and services offered by the company. If the product is really good, good reviews will be posted. Adding a photo of the person who has posted the testimonials will further increase the chances of lead conversions.

Feature Client Logos

It is good to include the client details within the website. However including the name merely within the content can go unrecognized since there is no guarantee that visitors would read the copy. Logos of the client company is the most suitable way to make visitors recognize your reputed clients. The key benefits of placing a logo are its instant recognition.


Endorsement of your product or services by a popular celebrity can have a greater impact on the lead conversion rates. Choose a celebrity who is related to the field of business you are dealing with. Send a sample of your product and request for a recommendation. If it works, then you have a popular celebrity endorsing your product and taking your product popularity towards a larger community of audience.


High quality content can enhance your brand popularity and lead to better conversions. If you think your product is unique and is much useful compared to others, then write a few articles and submit it with some of the popular publications. If the readers feel it as genuine and not too promotional, they are likely to use the product or service offered by you and thereby improving the lead conversion rates of your business.


Social proof helps those who are still unclear or confused about whether to buy your product do so without a second thought. Social proof is a confirmation required for the visitors to ensure the decision they have taken is right. Since you cannot view products in real-time in an online shopping unlike retail shopping, social proof is the only way one can be assured of the product quality and become loyal customers of your product.

Build Multiple Niche Websites and Leverage Them

If you own a website for your business, it becomes easier to advertise your services in a single place. Those with many websites offering different services and products might bring challenges. However, one e-commerce site might have several pages giving details of service and products. If you own small websites, it makes it easier to write details of the products and services offered and then list them.

The use of a micro niche website is to support the main website because it helps to bring traffic and focus on the content. A business owner should have niche marketing sites if they have specialized in each niche. Each single site needs resources and time.

There are several ways you can use to build niche websites. Some of them include:

Choose a unique domain name for each macro site
Use sub domains for each niche site
You can have subfolders from the main website
The above three ways are applied, but this depends on what you can afford in terms of resources. If you want to achieve organic SEO results, choose different domain names for every micro website.

Wondering what are the advantages of using independent niche websites?

If you start using niche sites, then website downtime reduces. When one of the business sites is down, the other sites will be live. In contrast, when you have a single site and then it develops issues, this leads to poor traffic and conversion.

There is an increase in quality backlinks. This is because a person can do the linking to those sites and increase the number of reputable sites back to the main website. These back links increase the traffic to the parent site.

Another advantage of having niche sites is that it increases authoritative sites. After optimizing the websites, they take the time to hold independently. They, therefore, develop and command authority in their niche. With these benefits, it becomes advantageous.

And with this approach, you can also boost your activities online. This is because people get the opportunity to expand their business. After the site starts to rank while getting good traffic, it becomes easier to rank at the top of search engines.

The last benefit is the ability to get the most out if the visitors. The use of analytics tools helps to understand what the client wants and their behaviors. These tools help a person know how the customers are influenced by these sites in your zone and allow you to do investigations and comparisons of services given elsewhere. In the end, you get an insight and make the decision.

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